~ October 19 ~

You would’ve been better alone without my love, we would’ve been safe from storms.

~ October 18 ~

All crushed upon my skin, this mess I put you in.

~ October 17 ~

Stay with me, all will be revealed.

~ October 16 ~

We won’t let go,
I won’t let go,
Don’t let go.

~ October 15 ~

And all of this above my head, all of this is what you said.

~ October 14 ~

No map, no message.
It’s the deep, blue screen I know.

~ October 13 ~

Thin pixelations, coming out from the dust.

~ October 12 ~

When you came home we slept downstairs, in separate rooms we left you there.

~ October 11 ~

And in a chain reaction, I dissolve and break away from it all.

~ October 10 ~

Whatever I am, you did it. Wherever we were, we knew it. Whoever you left, I felt it.

~ October 9 ~

Staring into glowing blue, we were here and only the water remains.

~ October 8 ~

I slipped away last night, took me away from sight and the place I know.

~ October 7 ~

Don’t look back,
don’t pretend,
we’ll never take control again.

~ October 6 ~

Where have our hopes and feathers blown away.


Anonymous asked:

Hey, nice blog. Your choice of Foal's lyrics with your great photography is perfect :)


Aw aren’t you sweet. There’s a range of lyrics here, but you’re right Foals songs are ace :)