~ July 22 ~

Only after all the fog has long dissolved, drown it out in laughter, maybe think about it after

~ July 21 ~

You make these feelings go away

~ July 20 ~

I’m moving out of orbit, turning in somersaults

~ July 19 ~

And it could core you like an apple kid, or burn you ‘til you turn to dust

~ July 18 ~

And you can taste it like a battery on your tongue, there was nothing there but you could feel the hum

~ July 17 ~

But don’t try to find beyond behind you

~ July 16 ~

In between the lines of text, unlocking purpose from a vessel, that we’d barely thought about before

~ July 15 ~

You’ll rue your regrets but rub out the present

~ July 14 ~

Under the skin of everything, the particles keep shattering, long after bodies vanish

~ July 13 ~

Vastness, it’s really full up to the brim

~ July 12 ~

Sometimes combinations fade, when a correlation gets made

~ July 11 ~

Don’t say I’m doing fine

~ July 10 ~

I have it all figured out in my head,
you have buried a hole in my chest

~ July 9 ~

Strange steps, they splinter and light the path, trace us back, trace us back

~ July 8 ~

Hope fills my sails and I’m gone, but man it feels like home