~ August 1 ~

And don’t let me think too long, of the one I’m bound to face

~ July 31 ~

And with victory the whole world would be ours, we will build nothing in it

~ July 30 ~

So come over and sit by me, swallow the arrow following me

~ July 29 ~

The world is quiet, there is nothing left unsaid

~ July 28 ~

Looming, low ringing sigh, its smooth skin, sliding

~ July 27 ~

No sound, can you hear me

~ July 26 ~

Every heart’s a part of another, every lung it breathes for you

~ July 25 ~

Catch it when it comes, put it in your pocket, nothing till it’s gone

~ July 24 ~

Secret part of your restless heart

~ July 23 ~

To have and hold, as long as you let go

~ July 22 ~

Only after all the fog has long dissolved, drown it out in laughter, maybe think about it after

~ July 21 ~

You make these feelings go away

~ July 20 ~

I’m moving out of orbit, turning in somersaults

~ July 19 ~

And it could core you like an apple kid, or burn you ‘til you turn to dust

~ July 18 ~

And you can taste it like a battery on your tongue, there was nothing there but you could feel the hum